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hero: Lumin da glowstick dude by ichimp-doodler hero: Lumin da glowstick dude by ichimp-doodler
Character info:
NAME: Lumin
AGE: 17
LIVES: In his basement
LIKES: Neon colors (best things he can see with his poor eyesight), Raves/clubs, carrots, enunciation; Is a guilty comic book fan.
DISLIKES: Midday, being forced to break a reserve glowstick on his bracelet for powers, pushy people.... (...says the boy who pressures you into a sale...)

Lumin, your everyday night-life glowstick vendor, is the smart and obsessive teenager every district needs. His life revolved around his science... Until he one day sold a glowstick to the wrong customer. The money he was handed wasn't a dollar bill, but a note... The note that threatened the Reaper Game's deadly "erasure".

So, yeah...! Basically, the poor guy's life was divided up like this: 1/4 of his time spent in his chemistry lab making glowsticks, 2/4 of his life outside (most often at night) walking the streets and searching for anyone who seems likely to BUY his glowsticks, and another 1/4...sleeping. His powers come from his constant exposure to the toxic and somewhat radioactive chemicals he uses in his formulas, but he's kept their development secret. They can only work when he breaks the plastic casing around one of his "Gleos" (AKA the glowsticks) and spills the inside over his hands.
He then has until the glowing stops to summon his ally, the Escence, (produced by all those darned radioactive chemicals!) out of all the nearest Gleos to collect together in to a form and assist him when he's in trouble. No one knows about the Escence--typical that you don't know what's in what your buying, huh? XD--but there have been rumors...
This is why distributing Gleos around Shinbuya isn't just about the money anymore; It's about survival now that the Reaper's Game is involved. Eccentric only when selling a product or when he's doing something otherwise glowstick-related, the rest of the time Lumin's just derisive, most likely a side-effect of an obvious lack of sleep.

I tried not to make it too long. >>; I have him very detailed in my head, but I'm scared to type too much out.... I can plan out a dude down to the last detail if need be. XD;; "Lumin" and "the Escence"....
Get it? Do ya? Huh? :D
"Luminescence"! LOLOLOLOLOLO--
I'll end this now before I begin to ramble...:paranoid: Yes, this is my entry to the WEWY contest... Peace out!

***EDIT*** Changed the file size... Hopefully you can see it now. ><
***EDIT ONE MILLION AND NINE*** Sorry...I think I got it right this time...XD
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pikabay Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
He's cool. I like his eyebrows, they're very expressive =)

It says five colors, but... you only have four there XD
ichimp-doodler Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
No, no, it's five! See? "Lime" and "green"! XD
uber-mimi945 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2008
*WHOA!* that's really good!
ichimp-doodler Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
Thank you! :hug:
uber-mimi945 Featured By Owner May 1, 2008
WELCOME! *HUGS BACK* aarrrgh! stupid caps lock! lol
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April 22, 2008
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